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From Basics to Brilliance: Salesloft Uncovered

On-Demand Webinar Recorded on September 12th 2023

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Are you booking the maximum amount of meetings with your team using Salesoft?

After working with over 20 companies, implementing and reviewing their Salesloft setup and usage, we’ve identified recurring trends and pitfalls in platform use. In this session, we will spotlight errors in email engagement, cadences, back-end setup and integrations, to help you avoid them.

With our insights, you’ll grasp how to fully harness Salesloft’s potential for enhanced sales productivity. Plus, we go beyond highlighting problems, offering immediate, actionable solutions for you to implement to increase your meeting booking rate.

Gain insights from PMG’s Sales Engagement Lead, Kylie Cohen, and Jack Neicho, Senior Account Executive at Salesloft, and get first-hand knowledge on:

Boosting revenue through effective Sales Engagement.

Fully utilizing cadences to empower your sales teams.

Master Salesloft navigation to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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