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Maximizing Revenue Efficiency:
Leveraging G2 Data for Strategic Enterprise Sales

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Are You Leveraging Your Intent Data Effectively to Maximize Buyer Engagement and Achieve Revenue Efficiency?

Watch the session with G2’s VP of Revenue Marketing, Robin Izsak-Tseng, and PMG’s CEO, Kfir Pravda, where they explore why and how to use second party data to increase revenue efficiency when selling to enterprises.

You’ll get actionable strategies to effectively harness and activate intent data across your marketing and sales efforts, which will take you from understanding to measurable outcomes.

Topics covered:

Unveiling Buyer Intent's Three Pillars for market dominance and revenue efficiency.

Decoding the Buyer's Journey to personalise your marketing strategies.

Activating Intent Data for effective enterprise engagement and revenue growth.

Leveraging G2 Data to grasp enterprise buying behaviours for strategic targeting.

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