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PMG helps you win larger deals faster, with everything needed to quickly launch and operate a successful SDR/BDR and insides sales team by:

Assessment, Strategy and Planning

Analyze, structure and plan winning sales plays, based on proven, data driven, sales engagement frameworks.

Platform Implementation and integeration

Customize leading sales engagement platforms for your needs, and integrate with your stack

Cadence and Sequence messaging, planning, and implementation

Rapidly launch sequences and cadences that maximize success by integrating emails, phone calls, video and social media channels.

Content for Account-Based Selling

Customize outbound and inbound cadences to support your account-based motions.

Reporting and Insight

Quickly improve performance of your team with data- insights, specific to your team, goals and organization

Training, Onboarding and Upskilling

Get your team up and running as soon as possible with yraining and onboaring cusotmized for your team, roll out plans and needs. Then, continously upskill your team and get them up to speed on the latest sales engagement best practices and tools

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