Buyer-focused and revenue-oriented, PMG propels B2B pipelines to closed deals by generating qualified leads and engaging them with an excellent buyer experience at every stage of their journey.

Using a combination of expert skills, processes, services, data and a stellar marketing and sales technology stack, PMG integrates the right, integrated marketing and sales efforts for the client organization, while identifying and correcting obstacles, for optimal conversion and revenue.

The Team

Kfir Pravda CEO

Kfir Pravda is the founder and CEO of PMG. He began his career by leading European sales and marketing operations among some of the world’s biggest telecom companies.

At PMG he is helping clients win more deals with superior buying experience. With 20 years of B2B sales and marketing experience, Kfir and his firm are working with some of the most respected B2B brands globally such as IBM, Checkmarx, Moovit and more. He is an avid open water swimmer and swim-runner.

Benny Akler
Kylie Cohen
Digital Marketing Manager
Yael Marom
Digital Marketing Manager
Itzhak Wolkowicz
Chief Geek
Ohad Reshef
Marketing Operations
Hadar Ron
Digital Marketing Manager
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