Infusing the art of selling with science and processes, leads to increased productivity, performance and predictability.

By introducing structured and repeatable sales plays, without losing the human touch, sales leaders are able to rapidly roll out winning sales motions, increase response rates, reduce reps ramp up time, forecast reliably, and win more deals.

PMG helps sales and marketing leaders asses, plan and execute winning sales plays in scale by delivering the following:

Sales Engagement Assessment, Strategy and Planning
Analyze, structure and plan winning sales plays, based on proven, data driven, sales engagement frameworks.
Cadence messaging, planning, and implementation

Write, setup, execute and optimize outbound and inbound cadences, by integrating emails, phone calls, video and social media channels.

Cadences for Account Based Selling

Customize outbound and inbound cadences to support accounts based motions.

SalesLoft and Vidyard Implementation

Implement the leading sales engagement and video selling platforms, tailored to your needs and goals.

Training and Upskilling

Train your sales teams on the latest and greatest of sales engagement best practices and tools.

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PMG. All Rights Reserved.